Kitty Kamp Boarding

Vetcetera is pleased to have dedicated a warm, sunny room with a view of the basin for your cat’s vacation. Our luxury cat condos have been custom-made in soothing colours with a nice perching shelf. You can choose from single cat condos or for cats who like more space or for cats from the same home there are double condos. The condos are spacious and are kept spotless so that even the most fastidious feline will feel at home. We encourage you to bring along some of your cat’s favourite toys for playtime. You can also bring their brushes so they can have some coat grooming. We play special feline music that has been researched and developed specifically for cats. We provide stretching and exercise time in the cat room at no additional charge. We also have a special calming pheromone wafting through the air so that each feline guest is as happy as possible. We are not just thinking of this as cat boarding – we are thinking of your cat as being on holiday while you are away ! 

We will provide your beloved feline with lots individual attention and TLC while you are away. We understand that it is difficult to leave your pet while you are away and hope to give you extra peace of mind knowing that your cat is being cared for in a full-service animal hospital by animal lovers. We have cat boarding check-in and check-out times six days a week for your convenience during regular hospital hours.

We are pleased to provide for the special needs of cats requiring medications – our expert staff are well-versed in the administration of different medications and have a great knowledge of feline medicine. We also make sure that there is a detailed handout on your cat’s condition for all staff members to review so that we have the latest information on your cat’s disease at our fingertips.

We have limited the number of kitty condos so that each cat has lots of room.


The condos @ Vetcetera fill up fast – call (902) 832-4818 to reserve a spot for your cat today.