Though every examination is thorough, we sometimes need additional information to help us investigate your pet’s particular condition. At Vetcetera we have top-rated laboratory equipment that allows us to rapidly assess organ health and blood cells and perform urine analysis within minutes – giving us more accurate information when moving ahead with treatment.

Dr. Raghavan has a special interest in microscopic cell evaluation from urine and blood cells, to samples from lumps and bumps, ears and skin. When more advanced tests are needed, we have a valued relationship with the Atlantic Veterinary College diagnostic lab – being Dr. Raghavan’s alma mater many of the specialists were her professors during her school years.

We employ digital x-rays, to help us to get a good look at vital organs and skeletal system. This modern technology is fast, accurate and also allows us to reduce patient exposure to x-rays. Going digital allows us to continue with our green initiative having eliminated the use of chemicals to develop x-rays. We obtain an image on a computer screen that can be modified to increase diagnostic value, and when we need an expert opinion, digital x-rays can easily be shared with a radiologist for rapid evaluation.

We are pleased to have a great relationship with Dr. Rist a board-certified radiologist in PEI who provides us with his experienced evaluation. Dr. Rist also provides us with monthly in-house ultrasound services here at our clinic.